R. Garetto, Opposite-sex registered partnerships and recognition issues Publication date Dec 7, 2019. Publication description: J. Kramberger Škerl, L. Ruggeri, F.G. Viterbo (eds.), Case Studies and Best Practices Analysis to Enhance EU Family and Succession Law. Working Paper, Quaderni degli Annali della Facoltà giuridica, Camerino, 3, 2019, p. 89-101, ISBN 978-886768-042-9. Abstract: This paper aims to enhance problems.. read more →

Roberto Garetto, “The evolution of the legislation on the artistic legacy in Italy. Proposals of reform of the code of cultural heritage and landscape”, in 6th SWS International Scientific Conference on Arts and Humanities, Florence, (Italy), 22/10/2019-24/10/2019, Conference Proceedings, vol. 6, issue 2, Sofia, SWS International Scientific Conference on Social Sciences, 2019, p. 109-115 –.. read more →

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