Scientific Translations (related project)


Scientific Coordiantors: Michele Zezza, Ph.D.; Riccardo Perona, Ph.D.; Joaquín Garrido Martín, Ph.D.

About us

We are a team of professors and scholars that decided to join forces in order to develop a translation and revision service for scientific texts in the field of law. We aim to provide a service that stands out for its quality; a quality we can provide thanks to our excellent skills and vast experience in the domain of juridical literature and our great and diverse linguistic competences.

General Aim
By realizing this project, we strive to establish an international network of legal translators, contributing to the constant updating of technical knowledge.

Why should you choose us?
In stark contrast to general translation services, we focus our work exclusively on our very core ability, which is legal literature. Thereby, we are able to provide a service that is highly specified and thus of unmatched precision and quality. Ultimately, the high academic qualifications of our team members serve as a guarantee for outstanding results, professionalism and a great sense of responsibility.

Our Services

  • Translation of academic texts in the legal field: abstracts, articles, lectures, books and chapters of books;
  • Revisions of texts, be they in their original language or translated.

Additional Services

  • Editing of the text according to the rules of the publishing house or review in which the text will appear;
  • Writing of abstracts and keywords in the text’s own or any other desired language;
  • Help in finding the edition of the cited bibliographical references according to the rules of the publisher (e.g., original edition, translation etc.);
  • Rereading and identification of typos.


We work with the following languages:

  • English (British and/or American English);
  • Spanish;
  • French;
  • Italian;
  • Portugal or Brazilian Portuguese;
  • German.

Each of these may constitute the source language as well as the target language.

Our Conditions

The total price will be determined with regard to the following factors:

  • Level of complexity and specialization of the tex;
  • Extension of the text;
  • Required services;
  • Required deadline for delivery.


To receive more information please write to the following email and we will get you in touch with the leaders of the project:

Their initiatives can be also found on Fiverr at this link.

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